Lower Limb Bracing

Stand Your Ground  - Lower Limb Bracing

At STAND YOUR GROUND, we commonly see patients experiencing mild/common conditions such as:

  • general knee instability;
  • mild osteoarthritis;
  • patellofemoral pain syndrome, patellar tracking issues/subluxation;
  • ligament sprains.

Braces are typically used for these conditions. We provide a full range of off-the-shelf and custom made lower limb braces and, thanks to our partnership with the Kintec group, we now have access to a wider variety of bracing options. This includes vendors such as Össur, DonJoy, and Bauerfeind to best fit our patients’ needs and comfort levels.

Our pedorthists may also suggest one of our other great bracing options, including:

  • ankle bracing
  • plantar fasciitis night splints
  • drop foot bracing
  • bunion alignment kits
  • rigid gauntlets
  • and more!

If a custom made product is required, we will fit you with a custom made knee brace for maximum joint off-loading and stability for your affected knee. An expert will work with you to determine the best brace for your needs. Both knee and ankle bracing is available by appointment. It is recommended to book an appointment to assure prompt and full service.