Ankle Bracing: Explained


Braces are a common recommendation when someone injures their ankle, and we at Stand Your Ground are often asked to give more detail on how braces are effective in the management and prevention of ankle injuries.  This blog will dive deeper into the how’s and why’s of ankle bracing; but first, let’s talk about the injuries that motivate us to use a brace.

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Non-invasive Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Plans

By Amy Chapman, Clinic Manager/C. Ped (C)

The onset of Covid halted elective surgeries across the world. Our health care professionals had to focus on the pandemic and caring for those affected. This led to a backlog in elective surgeries and an ever-growing wait list for routine surgeries, such as knee replacements. Patients are left waiting and suffering in pain with unknown timelines and expectations. This typically causes people to decrease their activity levels, which can lead to further health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure and further injury. Our goal is to keep people moving while working with them to managing their pain levels. Movement needs to be easy and comfortable, and we can remove the barriers that are causing someone to take on a more sedentary lifestyle. Pedorthists have always worked with a patient’s health care team to provide non-invasive treatment plan solutions that can help delay a potential surgery or help to manage pain while waiting for surgery. The backlog in elective surgeries, means that our services are needed more than ever.

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Job Posting - Fit Expert

Do you have a passion for helping people stay active and on their feet for life? Do you enjoy working with people, to trouble-shoot and come up with a well-rounded solution to their problem? Then we think you'd make a great fit for our team.

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Compression at Any Age!

There is no "set age" that compression is meant for. In fact, you can feel the benefits of compression at any point in your life! A client of ours wrote in, letting us know about the success she had with compression stockings and what a staple they are in her daily life now.

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Small Adjustments Can Make A Huge Difference

Often, it's the little things that can make a huge impact.

A client came to us looking for relief and the tools needed to get back to her active lifestyle after sustaining an injury. She developed a Baker's Cyst in the back of her left knee, and due to the tightness and pain in her left leg that the cyst was creating, she found herself compensating and shifting her weight to her right leg. Without the correct support and footwear, this can lead to further discomfort, which is exactly what was happening in her situation, both legs now being affected.

An avid runner and generally active person, she was becoming increasingly more frustrated with a growing list of ailments putting her into a less active lifestyle. She came in for her assessment and we developed a plan from there to provide relief!

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